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This morning, Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine, Charlie Mc Conalogue T.D,  brought the final report of the Irish Common Fisheries Review Group to Cabinet for it to take note of the recommendations of the Group.

The Minister established the Group in February 2022 and tasked it with examining the issues that arise for Ireland in the context of the European Commission’s review of the Common Fisheries Policy, to advise him on priorities for the negotiations and to identify strategies most likely to influence the outcome of the review. .

The Group Members included

Fishing and Aquaculture representatives – One representative each from:

Irish South and East Fish Producers Organisation; Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation; Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation; Irish Fish Producers Organisation; Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation; National Inshore Forum; Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association; IFA Aquaculture.

Co-Ops: 2 representatives

Environmental NGOs: 2 representatives

The CFP review group also held a public consultation.

The final report includes recommendations on the need for legislative change as part of the CFP review, addressing the impact of Brexit and the TCA, addressing socio-economic imbalances within EU fisheries, supporting environmental sustainability and developing the aquaculture sector.

Minister McConalogue has also forwarded a copy of the Final Report of the CFP Review Group to the EU Fisheries Commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevičius, who is responsible for the CFP review for consideration of how the report’s findings and recommendations can be taken forward to support a fair and balanced Common Fisheries Policy for Irish fishers for the next decade.

Read the full report: