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After 20 issues, Skipper Editor Lia ní Aodha left us temporarily last Friday to catch up on some reading… and whatever else maternity leave may entail.

With issues like Brexit, the continued fallout from COVID-19, MPAs, windfarms and further quota cuts likely looming later this year, fishing is currently facing an uncertain future. Providing a steady hand at The Skipper, however, will be our (at this stage) editor-for-life, Niall Duffy who will be back at the helm for the next couple of months carefully documenting the industry and its most pressing issues.

Handing over the reins Lia said, “Thanks to all for their support, contributions and assistance in putting the last 20 issues of The Skipper together. “No doubt, you’ll be in capable hands with Mr Duffy, who, on account of failing to put a dent in fish stocks, needs a good (albeit temporary) home for the winter. And so, until next year, so long and thanks for all the fish…”