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A new book,  MY FISHING LIFE: A STORY OF THE SEA documenting Ashley Mullenger’s Journey to make it as a fisherman will see its industry launch at the Scottish Skipper Expo.

Mullenger is a commercial fisherman working off the North Norfolk coast. She is one of the few women working in the industry and was named ’Fisherman of the Year’ in 2022.

Ashley will be selling and signing copies of the book on The Skipper stand from 10:00am on the opening day of the Aberdeen Expo and £1 from every book sold at the show will be donated to The Fishermen’s Mission.

Ashley never planned to become a fisherman. A chance trip – catching mackerel off the Norfolk coast – was the start of an obsession. One that resulted in a transformation from clean-cut office worker to commercial ‘Fisherman of the Year’, and proud working owner of two boats, Fairlass and Saoirse, alongside skipper Nigel.

Speaking to The Skipper, Ashley said, “As a first-generation fisherman, I’m genuinely excited to share the ups and downs of my journey since ditching ’business casual’ for PVC oilskins.”

This book isn’t just about the ins and outs of fishing; it’s a tale of personal growth and insight, weaving together moments of joy and heartbreak. My sincere wish is that this story resonates with readers, sparking meaningful discussions about the challenges faced by one of our country’s most essential and threatened communities: the commercial fishermen.”

According to her publisher, Henry Loyd from Little Brown Books:

This is a memoir of that journey, a life swept up in tides and elements, strength of mind and body, of old ways and new struggles. It’s about the bravery of crews, early mornings, weather-beaten characters and those that can sink pints as fast as they can haul pots.”

These coastal communities and age-old livelihoods are built on trust, courage and skill – but they are also fraying against politics, poverty and climate change. The reality of commercial fishing is rarely seen, but Ashley carries us across the waves and around the UK’s waters in vivid detail to show what is really happening at sea to land the fish on our plates.”