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Ultraguard Antifouling are pleased to announce the launch of their new Master Series antifouling system.

The Master Series unit uses the same high powered and advanced signal generator and control circuits as Ultraguard’s full size UG series but does so in a compact package powered by 12v or 24v DC.

Master Series brings full power of a commercial shipping antifouling system to the small commercial fishing vessel market for the first time.

Chris Ryan, Technical Director of MGPS Ltd (Ultraguard’s parent company) had this to say:

“I’m usually quoted as saying that Ultraguard is a product of evolution and not revolution, but the Master Series really is a revolution in acoustic antifouling solutions. Usually, competitors have taken low power leisure boat systems and tried to sell them to the commercial fishing industry. We’re bringing a big ship system to the inshore fleet! Our background is commercial shipping and we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to get that power and antifouling capability into a small package.”

The Master series really is compact too. It comes in an anodised aluminium casing measuring only 260mm by 200mm and 50mm deep. It will fit under any wheelhouse console or in any small machinery space.

Like all Ultraguard systems, the Master Series is manufactured in Scotland. It comes with a two year warranty and is packaged as a kit which includes the control unit, two powerful transducers and all the cables and adhesives required to install the system.

For more information visit: https://ultraguard-antifouling.com/master-series