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Akdeniz Shipyard was established in 2007, in the southern part of Türkiye by Ceyhan-Yumurtalik region. Having a total area of 120.000 m2 the shipyard aims for the shipbuilding and repair/maintenance services and cryogenic tanks manufacturing.

Within the private sector, Akdeniz Shipyard holds the distinction of being the largest shipyard of Türkiye and Eastern Mediterranean in terms of area and capacity.

Sailing before the wind of Akbaşoğlu Group’s 50 years of effort and experience in shipping, Akdeniz Shipyard has set sail in the direction of leadership in shipbuilding sector throughout the region.

Akdeniz Shipyard was awarded by ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates. Entire production process is audited by a classification society and to be certificated.

The Shipyard is located on Iskenderun Gulf which is a strategic point and on the exact way of Mediterranean transit ships traffic.

This is a major plus in providing R&M services in the most efficient time and cost for the ships.  Moreover, ship repair work is by nature labor intensive which provides a competitive advantage to developing economies, such as Türkiye, that have an abundant supply of low-cost labor.

Proximity to industrial regions provides easiness in supplies of consumables and spare parts besides qualified labor and services.

With its lifting capacity of 820 tons, Akdeniz Shipyard’s latest investment makes it the biggest Travel Lift in Türkiye. With this investment, Akdeniz Shipyard has become a key player in the Repair & Maintenance market in the Mediterranean, in addition to new building market.