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Surveyors from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) say that being involved in this year’s Scottish Skipper Expo is a great opportunity to engage face-to-face with fishermen once more.

The Aberdeen event in May will see a host of surveyors descend on the city for the exhibition, hoping to see and speak to people across the industry about the many safety changes implemented by the agency since the last event took place in 2019.

In particular, it will be a chance for fishermen to discuss the updated small fishing vessel safety code with the MCA, to ask questions, clarify concerns and to provide feedback about the changes.

The expo has been a great place in previous years for the fishing industry to network and socialise.

Dave Fenner, fishing vessel safety lead at the MCA said: “It is really great that we will be a part of this, the first in-person event for a number of years and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) team will be available to talk to the industry directly.

“We have really missed this, speaking to fishermen directly and we are very keen to reopen a dialogue – there have been too many deaths in the industry in recent years and, I think, we all share the same goal of wanting to prevent this.

“We know that fishermen do not take safety lightly and we are looking forward to returning to events like the Scottish Skipper Expo in 2022 to speak to them about recent safety changes, such as the updated fishing vessel safety code.

“We want to work with fishermen now and in the future to make the industry safer and avoid preventable deaths. Fishermen want the same.”