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A Polish man has quite literally turned oyster farming on its head, by inventing a revolutionary device that allows for three times more oysters within the same area of seabed.

Grzegorz Skawiński developed the product, which uniquely has a rotating cage system, over two years.

Rather than the traditional farming of side by side on trestles, oyster bags are placed one above the other, saving space on the seabed and increasing production. When the device rotates, it allows the oysters to move freely, aiding growth.

Normally each oyster bag is turned by hand – five in a row on a trestle. Grzegorz’s system allows 16 to be turned in one rotation.

The system, which is currently in prototype stage, alongside producing a high-quality oyster in terms of shape and meat, means farming in deeper waters that were previously inaccessible is possible.

On top of this, because of the rotating system, back pain, common in the industry, is relieved.

Given the rubber bands that hold the bags in place on a trestle are no longer required, the invention has benefits also in terms of the environment and minimises plastic pollution.

Having worked as an oyster farmer in Co Waterford for eight years, Grzegorz saw the potential of a new product that would help ease some of the physicality of farming, have environmental benefits in terms of less plastic, while also offering rewards in terms of boosting productivity and profits.

“When you work with oysters, you understand intimately how farming methods work, and importantly for me, how they can be improved,” he said.

“The idea of rotation was born while working on the project. The main goal of the project was to place as many oysters as possible on the seabed surface.”

Grzegorz first started on the project in 2017 and created the device for testing and research purposes which is currently patented in Ireland, along with patents expected in the UK and France.

The inventor is now keen to move on with the next phase of the business – either to sell the licensed patent, or work with a manufacturer to market the product globally.

Further information: https://newoysterfarm.com/