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Innovation and new product development are at the heart of the Morgère operation, which in recent years has led to the successful introduction of the Exocet New and Osprey New trawl doors.

Both types of trawl door are being used with great success across Europe and beyond, with fishing skippers impressed by their robustness, ease of handling, consistently good trawl spread and reduced drag, which enhances fuel efficiency.

In an exciting new development, Morgère is in the final stages of developing a new model of trawl door, which has already delivered excellent results in sea trials. Further sea trials, incorporating different geographical locations and sea environments are planned over the coming months before the door is ready to be launched onto the market.

Pascal Reverseau, managing director of Morgère, explains. “At Morgère, we are committed to providing the best quality equipment, utilising the latest innovation and engineering and design excellence. We always work closely with skippers when developing our doors to ensure they meet their exact requirements in a wide range of demanding fishing conditions.”

At Scottish Skipper Expo 2023, Morgère will be promoting both the Exocet and Osprey New trawl doors, which are ideally suited for Scottish fisheries. These doors are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for both larger and smaller demersal vessels.

Morgère trawl doors feature a new vibrant yellow livery, which ensures enhanced visibility for fishing operations at night. The yellow trawls doors are easier for crew to see when working on deck in the hours of darkness, which will help make fishing operations safer.

Pascal Reverseau says: “We look forward to meeting both large and small boat skippers at Scottish Skipper Expo 2023 to highlight the many benefits our trawl doors bring to fishing operations. Customer service is one our core strengths and our engineering experts are always available to advise skippers on how to get the most from their fishing equipment.”

Morgère will exhibiting on stand number 37 at Scottish Skipper Expo 2023.