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AIB has been a longstanding supporter of the Irish Skipper Expo. At AIB, they understand the value that the Irish fishing sector contributes to Ireland’s economy and recognise that the Skipper Expo is a great platform for everyone engaged in the industry to meet, network and do business together.

It is a great opportunity for AIB to meet with existing customers as well as develop new relationships with businesses in the industry. It’s a place for AIB to learn and really understand the opportunities and the challenges within the fishing sector.

AIB staff will be there on the day to guide you in your financing journey, whether that be building a new fishing vessel, looking at setting up a pension or discussing the challenges that Brexit poses to the industry and the supports available.

With outlets in all major fishing ports, AIB staff have a keen interest in the fishing industry. Listening to their customers and understanding the challenges within the sector is vital information to allow AIB to continuously enhance their product and service offering.

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