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Representing the complete shipbuilding and services proposition of Damen Shipyards Group,  two divisions show the advanced maritime technology they deliver to clients in fishing operations. Damen Maaskant shows a recently delivered beam trawler while Damen Marine Components  (DMC) has a full size propeller nozzle on display.

The newbuilding and repair yard Damen Maaskant specialises in fishing vessels. Well rooted in the fishing community, the yard has built a reputation in providing high quality vessels that are fitted out to deliver the performance needed in the professional working environment of fishermen. The Stellendam yard is situated at an easily accessible location from any North Sea or English Channel fishing ground. Services and repairs can be performed at the yard, but Damen Maaskant yard professionals will also provide excellent repairs and upgrades at other locations.

Flow optimisation

Advanced insight in hydrodynamics enables DMC in the development of solutions to improve vessel performance. Tailored for the operations of fishing vessels, a range of energy saving systems is available to increase safety and efficiency. The propeller nozzle on display incorporates innovative design to optimise flow towards, along and in the wake of the propeller. Pre-swirl stator fins improve the flow along the hull towards the propeller. Optimised full-spade rudders further improve the flow and increase engine efficiency. Thrust fins reduce rotational losses of the propeller, as also the rudder bulb eliminates turbulence in the wake of the propeller to improve propulsion power and save fuel. All of these components are designed for efficient trawling and fishing operations.

Proven design

Damen takes a unique stand in the maritime industry by developing standard designs of proven performance and building vessels on stock. The fishing vessels as well as the marine components are based on proven designs and from there adapted to client demands with equipment and controls.

Damen welcomes you at stand number 105 at Scottish Skipper Expo. Find more information at www.damen.com