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The New Artemis BF 60

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The new Artemis was handed over to owners Wiseman Fishing Co. and Northbay Fishing Co of Scotland from Karstensen Shipyard

The new“ARTEMIS” was handed over to owners Wiseman Fishing Co and Northbay Fishing Co of Scotland on 13 September 2022 from Karstensen Shipyard.

The hull for “ARTEMIS” was built by Karstensen Shipyard Poland in Gdynia, and arrived in Skagen in February 2022.

 “ARTEMIS” replaces skipper Adam Wiseman s previous command of the same name.  The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring.

Northbay Fishing Company is a subsidiary of Interfish of Plymouth, headed by Jan Colam.

Wiseman Fishing Company is headed and owned by well-known pelagic fishing personality and chairman of Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA), Alex Wiseman along with his son Adam Wiseman.

Karstensen Shipyard is very proud with the new delivery, which continues long standing working relations with both Mr Colam and Messrs Wiseman. Cooperation between Northbay Fishing Company and Karstensen has been with the maintenance and repairs on “Altaire” for a good few years. Cooperation with Alex Wiseman stretches even further back, some 30 years, when “Radiant Star” was in Skagen to do overhauls. Adam and Alex Wiseman also build KS-431 “Kings Cross” in 2016 in Skagen (in partnership with Lunar Fishing).

The vessel design, specification and arrangements is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between owners and yard where all solutions are optimized and tailor made to suit owners and crews specific requirements.

Main focus has been set on optimizing working, safety and comfort for the crew, optimizing catch handling- and storage facilities and optimizing of fuel consumption. In order to reach above targets, the vessel is fitted out with all the newest developed machinery and equipment.


The Design:

The hull is built in steel with two continuous decks; main deck and shelter deck, and with long forecastle- and boat decks. Wheelhouse, second boat deck , funnel and masts are built in aluminium.

The hull shape is of round bilge construction with bulbous bow and stern skeg, flared stem and transom stern.

Below main deck the hull is subdivided into the following watertight compartments: Forepeak, bow thruster-/sonar room, RSW pump- and manifold room, insulated RSW-tank section, engine room with main engine connected to one reduction gearbox with one, ducted propeller and aftpeak with fuel- and lub oil tanks.

On main deck the hull is arranged with: Forepeak, RSW machinery room, RSW-hold/trunk section with Starboard/Portside corridors and a central room for the unloading (vacuum) system. Abaft the hold section is the Starboard accommodation area, Portside engineers workshop, control room, engine store and all aft CL hydraulic room with steering gear.

 Accommodation on main deck is arranged with 3 single crew- and 3 engineers cabin, all with ensuite toilet/shower facilities, laundry and stairs and corridors. In order to create best possible design for low noise, the accommodation is located as far away from the propeller as possible.

The design principles for main engine / auxiliary arrangement are as  follows:

Main engine with  reduction gearbox, 1 Power-Take-Off, mounted with a shaft alternator, producing 2800 kWe.

To supply additional electric power, the vessel is fitted with 2 auxiliary engines / gen-sets, producing 866 kWe each. In addition a separate harbour gen-set of 200 kWe is fitted.

During heaving/shooting operations at fishing, when the winch system is in use, the gearbox PTO will be clutched in, and electric power will be supplied from the shaft alternator. When there is demand for full power on the winch(es), there will normally not be same demand for power on the main engine. Following the main engine will be power source for both propulsion and hydraulic system.

During normal towing, the shaft alternator will/can be disengaged (from switchboard), and the electrical power will/can be supplied by either of the gen-sets.

The 2 main gen-sets will be able to connect into main switchboard, controlled by the vessels DEIF Power-Management-System. Further on bus-bar breaker is fitted in main switchboard, allowing aft thruster to be fed off shaft alternator and forward thrusters and vessels hotel load off the diesel generator sets.

Electrical power system is fitted for sliding frequency (60-50 Hz), by means of frequency converters for 400/440 V and rotating frequency converter for 230 V. This will allow main engine and propeller rpm to be reduced with 17%.

Further on, the vessel is fitted with a 2-speed gearbox, giving 2 fixed propeller speed , ie 138 and 116 rpm.

In order to create take-me-home power in case of main engine failure, the vessel is fitted with a clutch between main engine and gearbox. A separate donkey engine will allow the shaft generator to start up as an electric motor, being fed off the auxiliary engines. Up to 1500 kW can be used for this diesel-electrical propulsion drive


Length overall           75,70 m
Length between PP  66,60 m
Breadth moulded      15,60 m
Depth main deck       6,50 m
Depth shelter deck    9,20 m
Frame spacing          600 mm
Tonnage                    3215 GT
RSW-tanks               2312 cum
Fuel oil                     595 cum
Fresh water              103 cum    


Hydraulic winches:      – all supplied by Karmoy Winch, main system:

2 x Trawl winches                                      91,0 t
1 x Topline winch                                       71,0 t
1 x Tail-end winch                                      57,0 t
2 x Netdrums                                            110,0 t
7 x Mooring winches                                  11,0 t
1 x Anchor windlass                                   14,7 t
1 x Netsounder winch
2 x Hydraulic hose reel.
2 x Fish hose reel.

Fish pumping equipment delivered by Sea Quest of Killybegs, Ireland: 
2 x Sea Quest fish pumps, 20”.

Deck cranes:               
All supplied by MacGregor Triplex:

1 x Fore deck crane, KN-60.
1 x Net crane aft, NK-6000.
1 x Gallow crane / fish pump crane, KNR-75.

HP hydraulics:             
Complete drives systems (2 off) winches and cranes, respectively fish pump and associated equipment:

5 x 158 kW pump-units. 
3 x 110 kW pump-units.
4 x 88 kW pump units.                          

Trawl blocks               
Brdr. Markussen, Blue Line

Anchors & chains        
AC-14, supplied through Max Fodgaard.



Main engine:               Wartsila 10V31, 6100 kW @ 750 rpm.
Propeller plant:            Wartsila 4G1095, d4200 mm.
Reduction gearbox:     Wartsila SCV 100/2-PDC68.
Shaft alternator:           Marelli MJRM 710, 2800 kW / 3500 kVA.
Auxiliaries:                   2 x Wartsila W12V14, 866 kWe @ 1800 rpm.
Harbour set:                1 x Scania DI 09, 200 kWe @ 1800 rpm
Rudder                        Kongsberg high lift flap rudder.
Steering gear:             Kongsberg Tenfjord SR 622.
Thrustesr:                    2 x Brunvoll FU-63, 950 kW / 1292 HP.
Starting air compr.:      2 x Sperre HL2/105A.
Working air compr.      1 x Atlas Copco MAS GF11FF
Fuel oil cleaning:         Alfa-Laval P615.
Lub oil cleaning:          Alfa-Laval P615.
FO transfer pumps:     2 x Bombas Azcue.
Remote sounding:       API / Marine Control Services.

Pumps:                         Main engine cooling: Bombas Azcue.
Deckwash-, fire- and bilge pumps: Bombas Azcue.
Deck sump pumps:            ITT Flygt

Main coolers:               Kelvion, box coolers.
Bilge ejectors:              Ellehammer.
FW pressure sets:         2 x Bombas Azcue.
Hot water tank:            OSO, 200 l/ 2x15kW.
Sewage pumps:            2 x Bombas Azcue.
Sewage vacuum syst:   Jets.


2 x Johnson Controls, each 1400 kW / 1.204.000 kCal/h.
Circulation pumps              4 x 500 cum/h, Bombas Azcue
Condenser pumps               2 x 300 cum/h, Bombas Azcue
RSW circulation system with remote operated RSW-valves through Johnson Controls control system.

Actuators for valves:     Eltorque.
Vacuum-system:          C-Flow:
4 x 87 kW compressor units.
2 x 4200 l tanks.


Echomaster Marine Supplied Equipment

Acoustic Fish Finding

1x SIMRAD ST94 Low Frequency Omni-Directional Sonar
1x SIMRAD SN90 Mid Frequency Forward Looking Fan Beam Sonar with Inspection Beams
1x SIMRAD MF90 Mid Frequency Omni-Directional Sonar-( new Sonar model delivered in 2022 with improved Transceiver unit.) Artemis is one of the first vessels to have the SIMRAD MF90 sonar
1x SIMRAD ES80 38Khz Split Beam Echosounder
1x SIMRAD ES80 200Khz Split Beam Echosounder
1x SIMRAD FS70 Trawl Sonar with Spare FS70 Head and Deployment housing
4x SIMRAD Mulitcatch Catch Sensors and Chargers

Echomaster Marine has also internally developed a small handheld Remote control Keypad for controlling the three SIMRAD Sonars.


2x Sailor 7222 Class A VHF DSC Radio
1x Sailor 6310 MF/HF Class A DSC Radio
1x Sailor 6391 Navtex Receiver
4x Sailor 6204 Remote Control Handsets for Sailor 7222 VHF DSC
2x LT3100S GMDSS Satellite Terminals
3x Sailor 3520 Portable Liferaft VHF Radios
12x Motorola 3441 UHF Portable Radios with Geko Helmets for Crew/Bridge  Deck Communications
1x Icom ID-5100E VHF/UHF Radio
1x Victron Skylla 24/50 GMDSS Radio battery Charger and Bridge Battery status panel


2x SIMRAD MX612 DGPS Navigators with SIMRAD I3007 7” Displays
1x SIMRAD HS80 GNSS Compass with SIMRAD I3007 7” Display
1x SIMRAD Dual GC80 Gyro Compass System with SIMRAD I3007 7” Displays for Heading  Indication
1x Gill Instruments Windsonic Stainless Steel Anemometer
1x OLEX 3D Seabed Mapping system
1x SIMRAD AP70Mk2 Autopilot System with  Dual Control  Stations and 2x SIMRAD FU80 Remote steering Levers for Bridge-Wings
3x SIMRAD IS42 4” Multifunction Displays for Bridge wings and Office Desk

Vessel Safety/Security

1x AMI Marine X2 Voyage Data Recorder System with Bridge Office Display Panel
1x Zenitel Vingtor Stenofon Hybrid X7 ACM Intercom system with various Deck, Cabin and Machineary Space Stations. Vingtor  Stenofon CRM-V Master Controllers with DAK48 Direct access Key Panels in Bridge, Engine Control Room, Mess Room and Coffee Bar Areas
1x Genie CCTV system with a combination of 30 Stainless Steel Bullet, Stainless Steel Dome and Polycarbonate Dome Cameras monitoring key Deck and Machinery Spaces. Genie NVR’s and feeding Video to Bridge Video Matrix, Engine Control Room and RSW Control Room.
1x Pyronics Burglar Alarm System

Crew Entertainment

1x Intellian T100Q Quad Band 105cm Satellite TV Antenna and Multiswitch

Catch Sampling/Scientific Fish Sampling

In co-operation with Steve Mackinson , Fishery Scientist advising Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association, Echomaster Marine has developed the CatchTrak Sampling system, which enables the sampling system to operate in two different modes:  Standard weight sampling or, Scientific sampling where additional data to be recorded whilst at sea to be stored with each sampled fish weight. The system shows real-time percentage of catch falling into various weight grades for sending to Factory or On-Line fish Auction site via Excel or PDF reports. The system can be developed to enable capture of any measured data a Scientist may find useful with each sampled fish weight.

Woodsons of Aberdeen supplied the VSAT Internet system.

Smart Bridge Matrix System

Furuno UK & Sweden  supplied the Artemis with Radars, BNWAS, AIS and a Furuno DFF3 Echosounder which integrates with the Smart Bridge Matrix System.

Smart Bridge is an integrated bridge system, especially developed for fishing boats. The matrix system is used to control the video distribution on the bridge and throughout the whole vessel.

There are some 30 different sources that can be presented on any of the 24 monitors on the bridge, ranging from 24” to 55”. The Smart Bridge system is tailored from ship to ship and thus optimizing the bridge presentation and operation according to the specific bridge layout. It also enables the skipper to operate the radars, sonars, sounders, CCTV, chart plotters and other systems from a central touch panel with virtual keyboards and centralized mouse.

Furthermore, the skipper will have full mobility since Smart Bridge may as well be operated from an IOS (Ipad) or Android tablet. The presentation on the bigger 55” monitors can also be optimized from the Smart Bridge since the Smart Consoles can be adjusted in height and tilt and thus enabling the best presentation in respect of sunlight and working situation.

The remote monitoring system enables the personnel ashore to hook up to the system from the home office and monitor all videos from the bridge equipment. It also enables the technician to monitor the systems onboard for efficient fault finding while the boat is under operation at sea.

Smart Bridge also connect to the TV system onboard so that the video from the Bridge equipment can be viewed on any TV set onboard. In this way the crew can follow the fishing or navigation while dining or resting