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Reputable trawl and inshore gear provider Swan Net Gundry (SNG) has recently begun a dedicated drive to increase safety awareness and are, at this time, focusing their efforts towards ensuring that fishermen, both inshore and on deeper waters, are fully protected in the event of an accident.

The Killybegs’ based company is already assisting fishermen in the purchase of their two main types of BIM grant-aided survival devices which could help avert the potential tragic loss of life of you or one of your crew.

  1. For the rugged and manually demanding work in the inshore sector SNG have, in co-operation with reputable safety equipment manufacturers Sioen and Mullion, developed the Compact 150 Supreme – a unique device with an enlarged chamber to house a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) which, on inflation of the lifesaver, pops to the front and the simple flicking up of the aerial and pressing of a button sets the system online.

Once activated, this beacon operates via satellite to alert the Coastguard who can immediately inform your nearest emergency services.

  1. For those working on larger offshore vessels, SNG are providing the Compact 275 Supreme – a lifesaver with all the same high quality materials and features as the 150 version but, instead of the incorporation of the PLB, this model houses an Automated Identification System (AIS) which, on activation of the life jacket, not only sends an alert to the vessel’s wheelhouse to report ‘man overboard’ (MOB alert) but can also be seen by all other vessels with AIS systems within a six-mile radius.

Both these ‘horseshoe’ style life jackets are comfortable to wear and, importantly, are not in the least bit cumbersome when carrying out normal manual onboard activities.

For further information see www.sng.ie or phone 074 973 1180