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Norweigan Naval Architects, Skipsteknisk will once again exhibit at the Scottish Skipper Expo to showcase their latest design for pelagic trawlers.

Renowned for the development of comfortable, yet luxurious internal designs, the accommodation and living quarters aboard a Skipsteknisk vessel are on par with a five-star hotel.  However, as company Sales Manager, Lidvard Liaset explains, the impressive features of their designs also run through to the exterior.

“We believe that the external look of our vessels needs to be as sleek and modern as the internal. We work very closely with each of the shipowners when developing their design to ensure that it represents their unique taste. It is very important that the finished design accommodates each of their requests.”

Stipsteknisk are optimising fuel consumption while balancing cargo capacities on board their new vessel designs.

Lidvard Liaset further explains, “We are all aware that there is a need to reduce of all types of emissions and pollution at present, so as to protect the ocean and our environment.  In practice, this will call for the elimination of marine gas oil as a future fuel type if we are not able to implement CO2 capture in a reasonable way onboard vessels.

“There are several theoretical options for future fuel such as Methanol, Ammonia, Green Bio-diesel, Green Bio-Methanol, LNG, Batteries and possible Hydrogen. All of these options have an impact on cost, unfortunately.

“We have designed a pelagic trawler with dual-fuel engine for MGO (Marine Gas Oil) & LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The LNG-tank requires a large space. We have also designed a Hybrid Longliner with containerized Hydrogen and MGO and are in progress with one vessel running on dual-fuel Green Methanol & MGO.”

Skipsteknisk continue to push the boundaries of efficient designs, including their current vessel features which include catching energy normally going out as temperature in the funnel, by and converting this to electric power. They also make use of energy going overboard by the cooling water, in a so-called “Heat-Recovery”- system.

Visit stand 76 at the Scottish Skipper Expo to find out more about their new design features.