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The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) has published annual statistics relating to landings in Irish ports and by Irish vessels, both home and abroad on its website (www.sfpa.ie)*. Published data includes reports on landings; species; Irish vessels landing into all ports; non-Irish vessels landing into Irish ports and a key species price list. In terms of volumes and values, there were: 45,943 vessel landings in Ireland totalling 267,200 tonnes valued at €448,692,973. 2,080 non-Irish Vessels landed into Irish Ports in 2022.  This data is derived from Landing Declarations and Sales Notes for all vessels landing into Ireland, plus Irish vessels landing outside Ireland provided to the SFPA by the sector.

  • 45,943 Vessel landings in Ireland
  • 2,080 Non-Irish Landings in Ireland
  • 267,200 tonnes of fish landed in Irish Ports
  • €448,692,973 value of fish Landed

Commenting on the Publication of the 2022 statistics, SFPA Executive Chairperson Paschal Hayes said; “Collecting and reporting data in relation to sea-fisheries, as required under community law, is an important part of the SFPA’s mandate.  The SFPA uses the available data to help us monitor trends in fishing vessel landings, locations and species being caught.  This information is also beneficial to key stakeholders as well as supporting our service delivery and workforce management.”

Annual and quarterly statistics, including landings and inspections, are published to the SFPA website. The statistics pages on the SFPA website provides fishermen and members of the public with a “one stop shop” to access a range of useful data on fishing activity,  including Quota Uptake which is available on a weekly basis.

* More info here: https://www.sfpa.ie/Statistics/Annual-statistics/Annual-Statistics/2022-Annual-Statistics