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The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is delighted once again to be the main sponsor of the Skipper Expo that will take place at the P&J Live Exhibition Arena in Aberdeen in May.

Public support in Scotland for fishing is very high, as the Federation will be revealing shortly in opinion polling carried out for a major report into the state of the industry.

In conjunction with the overwhelming opposition to the Scottish Government’s now abandoned plans to impose Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) on the industry, this has given the SFF and its constituent associations renewed confidence in asserting the industry’s rightful position as a key sustainable and climate-smart nutritious food producer.

“The commitment from exhibitors and other stakeholders to the Skipper Expo underlines this confidence – and we sincerely hope that the 2024 Expo will be another major success,” said SFF chief executive Elspeth Macdonald.

“As ever, grateful thanks are due to Sharon Boyle and her dedicated team at Mara Media for putting on this large event specifically for our industry.

“With our key commercial stocks in robust good health, we have even more cause for optimism.

“However, fishing is being assailed by environmental lobbyists who despite a complete lack of evidence – and a failure to either understand or recognise that marine systems are highly complex – believe that it should be severely curtailed or outlawed for its supposed impact on the climate. 

“We all have a job to do in facing down this onslaught and keeping a focus on ameliorating the real causes of climate change and recognising the increasingly important role fishing has in feeding people.”