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After two long lockdown years, Seafield Navigation said it was fantastic to be back in the real world and enjoy another great Fishing Expo.

Fran West of Seafield Navigation said: “We were excited to present our new Notus Echo system at the exhibition.

“On the back of successful sea trials on the Favonious, Andrew Buchan has confirmed his order for Notus Trawlmaster with the Echo prawn detection sensor and Sodena Turbowin 3D plotter, combining Echo Prawn detection tracking for precision prawn fishing on his newbuild.

“Echo will enable Andrew to increase his prawn catch rate and reduce fuel burn on a trip. New lithium batteries in the Notus sensors will give well over a full trip without having to recharge.”

Orders for the same system have been placed at the show for newbuilds by other North East Scottish skippers.

Shrimp boats using Echo in Canada and USA report 20-25% fuel reduction on a trip, and double to triple Shellfish their catch rates.