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Founded in 2018, Sea Flux is a leading New Zealand based software company aiming to improve safety and efficiency to marine operators. They take care of the core fundamentals using the latest technology available and have greatly assisted industries like Fishing, Aquaculture, Tug & Barge, Ferries, to large Superyachts.

Most vessel operators struggle with the requirements of maintaining their compliance, and it has become a chore that gets done a couple of times a year when it must for certification. Manually keeping track of all the documentation required creates more and more documentation, that gets harder and harder to keep track of.

Attending the Scottish Skipper Expo for the first time this year, the Sea Flux will be on hand to showcase their software and answer any compliance related questions.

Giving an insight into the Sea Flux software system, Managing Director Tai Ellis says, “At Sea Flux, we’ve solved the problem of not only taking compliance electronic but extended the capabilities of Sea Flux to resolve many of the inherently challenging paperwork requirements of managing one vessel or a fleet of vessels.

“Everyone using Sea Flux on a vessel has access to the same up to date information, whether online or offline, and significantly enhancing communications, automating compliance requirements, and prompting actions and activities to reduce risks and maintain compliance at all times, rather than just a couple of times a year.

“Communication, situational awareness and efficiency are some of the key elements to create this climate and that’s why we’ve designed a tool to connect these fundamental components together.”

Having recently formed a partnership with Charles Blyth of Blyth Industries Ltd, Sea Flux now have a representative in the UK to assist all UK vessels.

For more information visit the Sea Flux team at Stand G17 or the website: www.sea-flux.com