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The Scottish Skipper Expo has evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the fishing industry, and after close review of the feedback over the last number of years, a number of big changes have been made this year.

The most notable is the decision to run the show every second year from 2024, with Sharon Boyle, Commercial Fishing Manager for Mara Media, explaining the reasons for doing so.

“We have had a number of consultations with industry leaders in the last number of years and closely reviewed the changing landscape of the industry. This led us to the decision to run the show bi-annually, meaning that companies have more time to work on developing new products etc between shows and we can also continue to enhance the overall show experience.


“The 2024 show will be our biggest to date, with more vessels on display and stands likely to sell out in the coming weeks. There has been a huge demand from new companies and also existing companies looking to take a bigger space.  The industry recognises our exhibition as hugely important and they want to ensure that they have secured their position for the next show in 2026.”

Another big change is the announcement that the show will now run ahead of the weekend, on Thursday 9th May and Friday 10th May – a move that has been welcomed by the industry and is in line with trade shows across the world.

“Moving to a Thursday and Friday opens more travel options with more flights scheduled during the week which will also cater for visitors planning day trips to the show from around the UK and Europe.

“With accommodation deals now available on The Skipper website, it’s time to get plans in place to attend the show – missing out means having to wait until 2026 to attend the next show.”

Scottish Skipper Expo 2024 will take place on Thursday 9th May from 10am-5pm and Friday 10th May from 10am-4pm, at P&J Live Arena Aberdeen.