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SafetyNet Technologies is excited to announce another significant step forward for the CatchCam camera – the launch of a flexible Rental Scheme.

“The feedback we have received from many potential customers cited paying for CatchCam in one go as a barrier to using it”. By offering the rental option, SafetyNet Technologies hopes to make the benefits of the CatchCam camera accessible to more users. “Ultimately, the goal is to keep learning with each deployment,” adds Tom Rossiter, head of Precision Fishing at SafetyNet Technologies.

With a mission to promote responsible and efficient fishing practices, SafetyNet Technologies has introduced this innovative Rental Scheme to provide fishermen with a powerful tool to enhance their fishing operations. Through this initiative, vessels of all sizes can now experience the benefits of this camera technology without the burden of upfront costs.

Underwater ‘Eyes’ to Your Fishing Gear

The underwater camera allows fishermen to easily record their gear in action. This way, the underwater footage provides valuable insights into the performance of the fishing gear underwater and how it interacts with the target catch.

Access the full underwater footage of the trawl doors through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIbfwh9Ymco

Image captured from an underwater footage recorded by CatchCam. The underwater camera was used to monitor trawl door performance.

By recording fishing gear in action, the CatchCam camera allows commercial fishermen to make more informed decisions during fishing operations. This can improve the efficiency of the vessel and increase catch.

The Rental Scheme

The Rental Scheme provides fishermen with a hassle-free experience, with ongoing support included. SafetyNet Technologies’ team of experts will work closely with customers to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of the rented camera, allowing fishers to focus on their core operations while maximising their fishing efforts.

The rental period spans a minimum of 2 months, with package prices starting at £449 / month. Each package is designed with specific fisheries requirements in mind. At the end of the rental, the CatchCam camera can be simply returned to SafetyNet Technologies, ready for the next customer. If preferred, the user can choose to extend the rental on a month-by-month basis or decide to purchase the CatchCam camera. If so, SafetyNet Technologies will credit the value of the rental.

The CatchCam Rental Scheme is exclusively available to customers based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, the company is exploring the possibility of expansion based on the level of interest they receive.

Increasing Fishing Efficiency and Sustainability

“We believe that by offering flexible rental options, we can accelerate the adoption of the camera, thus contribute to a more sustainable and efficient fishing industry for the long-term health of our ocean,” added Dan Watson, founder of SafetyNet Technologies.

SafetyNet Technologies develops tools that empower commercial fishermen to catch more of their target species sustainably—a mission they call Precision Fishing. Using a variety of practical solutions, like their underwater camera CatchCam, “we can better understand what is happening during fishing operations”, adds Dan. This way, Precision Fishing tools can make fishing operations more predictable, profitable and sustainable.

See CatchCam in person at the Scottish Skipper Expo on the 8th and 9th of May. SafetyNet Technologies team will be available at booth E7. You can also contact the team to start deploying CatchCam straight away at enquiries@sntech.co.uk.