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RNLI Fishing Safety

During the summer of 2021 RNLI Fishing Safety were able to start working on the coast again, all be it
in a less than normal way. However, it was good to be out working with the Fishing Industry again.
We have been assisting with Seafish mandatory training in Northern Ireland. We have also now
restarted the Funded MOB Recovery and PFD awareness events with our partners. Lowestoft
Survival Center was the venue for the first events. This was held over 3 days giving fishermen from
the area the best chance to attend. Attendees were mainly from the potting and cockle fishing




Once again, the attendees had the opportunity to experience being in the water with full working
clothing on, and no Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Waves and wind were then added to the
environmental pool to simulate as near as possible the effects of sea conditions. All attendees
agreed that the water experience had brought home the value of (PFD) and the difficulties of staying
afloat without one, should someone go overboard.

MAIB inspectors attend the event with one taking part. The day after the event a MAIB was
deployed to Mallaig in Scotland to investigate a Man Over- board fatality on a fishing vessel.
RNLI, along with its partners intend to deliver more events for its partners Fishing Industry Safety
Group (FISG) over the next 12 months in the UK, and fishermen will be invited to attend. Talks are
taking place to run similar events in the Republic of Ireland. If you are interested in challenging
yourself or your crew to help understand the benefits of a PFD, you can contact Seafish Training or
your local Approved Training Provider (ATP) for more information.