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OXE Diesel UK & Ireland distributor, Proteum, will announce at the Irish Skipper Expo that it is taking orders for the new OXE Diesel 300, which starts production in May 2020 and becomes the first 300HP diesel outboard available to UK and Ireland commercial marine users.  OXE is the only range of high-performance diesel outboards in production and in service.

Proteum will be providing demos later in the year and will be helping customers to calculate potential cost savings for their user profile with Proteum’s Total Cost of Ownership information tool at the show.

OXE 300 also opens up the military market as it delivers the high power to weight ratio demanded by military operators, who require a viable alternative to petrol to comply with NATO’s single fuel policy which is driving the transition from petrol to diesel.

OXE 300 continues the fuel-efficient nature of the OXE Diesel range, consuming some 40% less fuel than a modern petrol outboard.  It meets the latest emission standards and reduces carbon dioxide by more than 35%, carbon monoxide by more than 99% and combined hydrocarbons and NOx by more than 70%, compared to petrol outboard standards (EPA-Tier 3, RCD SI-Outboard and CARB 3 star).

The OXE design has matured to achieve the highest levels of reliability and robustness since the first prototype was displayed six years ago at HSBO Gothenburg by manufacturer Cimco Marine AB.  The development of the 300HP version of OXE draws on the operative feedback from the 200 plus OXE Diesels in service.  The range includes 125HP, 150HP, 175HP, 200HP and 300HP options to meet different user specifications.

Neil Taylor, Head of Sales, Proteum, says, The OXE 300 sets the benchmark for 300hp outboards offering the best possible performance and economic advantages whilst complying with the most stringent environmental rules and regulations. For the commercial and military operator OXE 300 delivers endurance, reliability, power and control”.

The OXE Diesel is a cost-effective alternative to petrol in total cost of ownership, benefitting from lower fuel costs, higher working efficiency, lower maintenance and ease of sourcing compared to petrol. Diesel’s lower volatility also makes it a safer option than a petrol alternative.

Proteum is showing OXE Diesel on Stand 70 at Irish Skipper Expo in Limerick, 13-14 March 2020.