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Established in 2021 by brothers Aidan and Gary Kennedy, Kenbro Boats Ltd has quickly become a popular choice in boat manufacturing. With many years of experience in the boat building sector, both Aidan and Gary are qualified in plastic welding and work closely with Marine Architects to ensure all boats are CE Certified to Design Category C, with a declaration of conformity to ISO Standard.

All Kenbro boats are manufactured from start to finish in the workshop in Co. Donegal and at present, they are the only HDPE boat manufacturers in Ireland.

Aidan Kennedy, Company Director explains the benefits of purchasing a Kenbro boat:

“When purchasing one of our HDPE boats, the customer will get a low maintenance, cost effective, robust, impact resistant, virtually unsinkable, safe seaworthy boat. The boat itself is manufactured from HDPE which is a 100% recyclable material with a very low carbon footprint.

“We can work with our clients during the design and build process to meet the customer specifications. We supply several packages ranging from boat only to the complete package which includes extras such as outboard engines, trailers, safety equipment and marine electronics.”

Kenbro Boats Ltd use a unique deep 22 degrees “V” planing hull, with 500mm SDR33 HDPE tubes filled with closed cell polystyrene for maximum buoyancy.

Another unique feature of the boat is that the hull design remains the same throughout the different sizes of boat and can be tailored depending on the client’s requirements.

As Aidan further explains, “The boats we are manufacturing is an open HDPE (high-density polyethylene) boat that offers safe high speeds and extremely durable use in rough environments, from deep seas to shallow shorelines.

“Sizes currently start at 6m up to 8m in length depending on clients’ requirements. The boat can be tailor made to suit a vast number of applications, but we use the same hull design throughout. The boats are used in sectors such Marine construction, Marine Agriculture, Commercial fishing and as a pleasure boat (E.g., sub aqua clubs, safety boats and as rescue boats).”

Aidan and Gary have attended the Irish Skipper Expo for a number of years, but this is the first year that Kenbro boats will attend the Limerick and Aberdeen Expos as an exhibitor.  We look forward to using this as an exciting opportunity to showcase one of our boats.