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Innovation is at the core of the Swan Net Gundry (SNG) net design and manufacturing company, with ongoing new designs benefiting fishermen everywhere.

Last year SNG set about developing new and improved prawn gear with trawls that would be more robust and catch efficient but also as fuel efficient as possible.

The Killybegs’ company’s trawl design team developed two standardized trawls, designed to suit the entire Irish prawn fleet including the SNG’s 420 and 520 x 80mm IM Quad Trawls which are constructed using top quality Polyethylene Compacted Twines which ensure the trawls are robust whilst keeping them as light as possible.

Innovative additions to this design as opposed to traditional prawn gear includes a Foot Belly Sheet designed for better lifting of prawns, Footrope lengths ranging from 16ftm-23ftm and two varying circumferences available in rubber or chain.

Feedback on the range of Quad Rigs coming from vessels operating the current Porcupine Bank fishing season has been extremely positive with SNG customers reporting that the use of these improved trawls are delivering better catch efficiency and all skippers have reported improved fuel efficiency with some reporting that this efficiency is giving an extra two days fishing on their trip.

SNG also provide full Quad Rig Bridle Systems from 18mm to 26mm combination to cater for any vessel size and, using top quality combination ropes and hardware, SNG can design and produce to suit any vessel size at very competitive prices.

Over decades of work SNG has developed excellent customer relationships and are continually consulting with owners and skippers in getting feedback and creating solutions to their problems where needed.

With a newly refurbished dedicated design room at SNG’s Killybegs facility, new models and innovation are to the fore – with an on-site 3D computerized simulation program as well as the construction of scaled model trawls of all of the new designs complimented by the use of off-site flume tank testing, but whilst these are great indicators, the real test is out in the open seas.

SNG’S Castletownbere, Union Hall and Killybegs depots  have had a busy start to 2021, constructing prawn trawls and the company welcome all new and existing customer enquiries with  fast turn around nationwide delivery guaranteed.