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The Department of Transport wishes to advise that it has published a new revision of its Code of
Practice for Small Fishing Vessels, entitled:
“Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Equipment and Operation of Small Fishing
Vessels of less than 15 metres in length overall” (Revision 3 dated 01/03/2022, with operative
date of 01/05/2022).

The Code of Practice sets the standards of safety and protection for all persons on board small
fishing vessels, of less than 15 metres length overall, which are required to have a sea-fishing
boat licence.

The Code is based on the voluntary instruments on safety at sea, jointly published by the Food
and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Labour Organization
(ILO), and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The new revision refreshes the presentation of the previous revision, updates its references to
legislation and Marine Notices, and incorporates many safety improvements, which have been
derived from recommendations of the Marine Casualty Investigation Board, as well as from the
Department’s Maritime Safety Strategy (2015), and the Report of the Working Group on Safety,
Training & Employment in the Irish Fishing Industry (2015). Finally, the new revision has taken
into account the responses that were received to the Public Consultation on the draft Code, which
took place in November-December 2021.

The Code may be accessed on the Department’s website through the following link: https://assets.gov.ie/31514/7cc3ff87540c420eb6264e2ef515730c.pdf

You may request either an electronic or printed copy by sending an email to:
maritime safety policy division@transport.gov.ie.

The most recent listing of the approved Panel of Surveyors and their contact details, is available
from the Department’s website at the link above, and also in Marine Notice No. 01 of 2021, or
from the Marine Survey Office: mso@transport.gov.ie.