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What does a banana and diesel have in common?

A banana is a plant, it oxidises and rots in the bowl. Bio Diesel is made from a plant, it oxidises and rots in the tank, it sinks to the bottom and blocks your fuel filters.

What does soap and modern diesel have in common?

When the Bio part of the diesel in your tank reacts with the elemental metals in the diesel you get Carboxylic acid. Carboxylic Acid is what the Victorians called soap and it very effectively coats your filters and stops your engine.

MarShip will be exhibiting on stand 188 (near the bar at Scottish Skipper Expo 2022) where they will be delighted to discuss your fuel or air filter concerns, and solutions for their cure.

Peter Weide of MarShip said: “MarShip is looking forward to be back at Scottish Skipper Expo. We have been working closely with our corporate additive suppliers to identify the problems of modern diesel. Analysing numerous fuel samples and blocked filters at the fuel labs in Elsmere port, we have drilled down to clearly identify the problems and how to mitigate them.

“Our patented Diesel Dipper® has had yet further improvement to keep your tank free water and we’ve modernised our fuel additives to meet the problems of modern diesel.”

MarShip cleans the air, the fuel and the lubes in marine diesel engines. All made in the UK for the UK.

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