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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that The Marine Institute’s Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services (FEAS) department will undertake a survey of herring in 6.a.S/7.b from 1st to the 10th of December 2019.

This survey is the fourth in a time series that is hoped will be developed into a long-term index of spawning/pre-spawning herring in 6.a.S/7.b, for use in stock assessments in the future. The overall 6.a survey (6.a.N and 6.a.S/7.b) is part of a collaborative partnership between Ireland, the Netherlands and UK (Scotland) that aims to improve understanding of the individual stock components of herring in 6a and 7b.

The survey will be conducted by the R.V. ‘Celtic Voyager’ (callsign: EIQN) using a towed body with 2 split-beam transducers (38 kHz and 120 kHz). In total c.1,100 nautical miles of cruise track will be undertaken with a mixture of parallel (spaced at 7.5 and 3.5 nautical miles) and zig-zag transects (Appendix 1). The approximate location of the survey is given in (Appendix 2). The vessel will display appropriate lights and signals. Night operations will involve the towing of the 2 split-beam transducer. Fishing will take place opportunistically during daylight hours.

For further information please contact:

The CV19038 chief scientist Michael O’Malley at michael.omalley@marine.ie or Ph: +353871809253.

Research Vessel Operations Section Manager Aodhán Fitzgerald at aodhan.fitzgerald@marine.ie or +353872488765

NOTE: If you wish make contact during the survey, please make contact via the Chief Scientist (Michael O’Malley).

The Celtic Voyager’s progress can be tracked live via the marine Institutes website at: https://www.marine.ie/Home/site-area/infrastructure-facilities/research-vessels/track-vessel?language=ga

All mariners are reminded of their responsibilities under the International Collision Regulations and are reminded of Marine Notice No. 17 of 2007, which gives general advice in relation to the activities of vessels engaged in survey work for hydrographic, seismic, fishing research and underwater operations.

The International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) are implemented in Irish law by the Merchant Shipping (Collision Regulations) (Ships and Water Craft on the Water) Order 2012 [S.I. No. 507 of 2012], and the Signals of Distress (Ships) Rules 2012 [S.I. No.170 of 2012].  See Marine Notice No. 06 of 2013.  These Statutory Instruments may be purchased by mail order from Government Publications, Office of Public Works, 52 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.  Tel: (01) 6476834/1890-213434.  They are also available online at: www.irishstatutebook.ie.


Image by Michael Muldoon