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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that Metocean devices will be deployed in the Irish Sea (off the Wicklow coast) in either late July or early August 2020 (weather permitting) to provide environmental data (waves and currents) to facilitate the development of the Arklow Bank Wind Park.

Four separate devices will be deployed which will include: a seabed frame with the sensors mounted on it, an anchoring system, and a surface marker buoy. The location of the devices will be off the Wicklow coastline as given by the approximate coordinates below:

The devices will be deployed using either the AMS Retriever (Callsign: MEHI8) or Husky (Callsign: 2EQI7), both versatile multi-purpose shallow draft tugs. The devices will remain in place for approximately six months, serviced on a 3-monthly basis.

During deployment and recovery operations the AMS vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre. The devices will be located using yellow special mark buoys which will have the relevant markers and ATON characters.

For further Information please contact: Fugro GB Marine Ltd – Coastal Oceanography Department Email Coastal.oceanography@fugro.com TEL +44(0)2392 205510 or +44(0)7810 697357.

Full details of the notice can be found by clicking here