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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that the first and second leg of the annual Irish Anglerfish and Megrim Survey (IAMS2020) will be carried out from 23rd February to 18th March 2020 to the west, southwest and south coast of Ireland by the Marine Institute in fulfilment of Ireland’s CFP obligations.

IAMS is a demersal trawl survey consisting of approximately 110 otter trawls (60 minutes) in ICES area 7b, 7c, 7g, 7h, 7j and 7k. The approximate location of these hauls is provided in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the notice which can be accessed via the link here. Fishing will take place within a 3 nautical mile radius of these indicative positions.

The survey will be conducted by the RV ‘Celtic Explorer’ (Callsign: EIGB). The vessel will display appropriate lights and signals. She will be towing a Jackson demersal trawl during fishing operations. The Marine Institute requests that commercial fishing and other marine operators keep a 3 nautical mile radius area around the tow points clear of any gear or apparatus during the survey period outlined above.

While there is no statutory provision for the loss of gear at sea, the Marine Institute will make every effort to avoid gear adequately marked according to legislation that may be encountered in the notified areas. In the event that an operator has static gear or other obstructions within 3 nautical mile radius of the points listed it is the responsibility of the owner to notify the survey managers or vessel directly.

This should be communicated by identifying specifically which “station” is of concern using Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the notice and contact details provided. It is not required to provide positional details of commercial operations beyond 4 nautical mile radius of the survey points provided.

Specifics of any fishing gear or other obstructions that are known and cannot be kept clear of these survey haul locations can be notified using the contact details below:

  • Aodhan Fitzgerald, Marine Institute: 087-2488765
  • Eoghan Kelly, Marine Institute: 087-9935128

All mariners are reminded of their responsibilities under the International Collision Regulations and are reminded of Marine Notice No. 17 of 2007, which gives general advice in relation to the activities of vessels engaged in survey work for hydrographic, seismic, fishing research and underwater operations.

The International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) are implemented in Irish law by the Merchant Shipping (Collision Regulations) (Ships and Water Craft on the Water) Order 2012 [S.I. No. 507 of 2012], and the Signals of Distress (Ships) Rules 2012 [S.I. No.170 of 2012]. See Marine Notice No. 06 of 2013.

These Statutory Instruments may be purchased by mail order from Government Publications, Office of Public Works, 52 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 6476834/1890-213434. They are also available online at: www.irishstatutebook.ie.