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KER group recently commissioned the first of its kind a, “Weighing Platform” for Pelagic Weighing Systems.

This mobile Weighing Platform is used to weigh at point of landing at Killybegs, whist ensuring the quality of the fish the weighing Platform, uses an 8m3 in feeder hopper and conveys the fish up and across two weigh scales supplied by “Marel”.

These scales are the same specification as already installed in the fish processing facilities in Ireland.

The fish travel forward onto a bi-directional conveyor that can feed the fish left or right into the tankers ready to transport to the processing factories. The “weighing Platform” is completely self sufficient, central control PLC system controls the speed of the conveyors, hoppers and Meral’s.

A return water system can return the water to the tanker of the fishing vessel and is fully automated. Its own silenced generator provides power for everything to run continuously. The unit was designed with health and safety at the fore, and the ease of use and cleaning are paramount. The system was designed and built within 17 weeks; all works from design layout to programming were carried out by KER Group.

The initial trials were successful and the system is now commissioned and calibrated ready for use in the coming weeks.