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Limerick exhibitor Irish Marine Safety offer marine focused health and safety consultancy services, and are currently working with owners and skippers to produce the required documentation in relation to the Council Directive 2017/159 on the implementation of the social partners’ agreement on the ILO Work in Fishing Convention C188-(MN 42 of 2019).

These requirements will then be included into their current range of safety audits for fishing vessels that are based on the relevant legal requirements, industry guideline and best practice.

Irish Marine Safety provide a live safety management system for your vessel that creates a safety action list for the year ahead, assigning tasks to the appropriate person. This can be backed up with vessel visits for galley table safety talks with the crew and emergency drill reviews.

They also offer task specific risk assessments to record and implement the required control measures to reduce the risk.

Under the EMFF safety scheme, it states the equipment eligible for grant aid includes Safety statements / manuals. For more information visit www.marinesafety.ie