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A Fisheries Industry Science Partnership (FISP) grant has been awarded to SafetyNet Technologies (SNTech) to support trials of LED lights to improve selectivity in trawls. The project, titled Piscesgate, will take place over 24 months.

SafetyNet Technologies, who are exhibiting at Scottish Skipper Expo, will be working with representatives from the fishing industry and science partners. These include the fishing vessels Virtuous, Lee Rose II and Golden Ray. As well as the organisations Fishing into the Future, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland and Scottish White Fish Producers Association Ltd.

Piscesgate will investigate the effectiveness of SafetyNet Technologies’ Pisces lights. Additionally, the project will build on data from previous trials to understand the interaction between gear and the fishing environment. Results will be shared with the wider fishing industry to support the development of sustainable practices.

It is expected that using Pisces lights could improve trawl selectivity and reduce bycatch. As a result, this will provide a new option for sustainable and efficient fishing.