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Triskell Seafood Ltd has been trading live shellfish for over 20 years from its convenient base just outside Sligo Town. In recent years, this Irish Skipper Expo exhibiting company has expanded operations to include a line of professional clothing and footwear by brands such as Guy Cotten, Le Chameau, Pros Extreme, Stormline and others. The range is aimed at anyone working outdoors and not just fishermen and those in aquaculture.

A spokesperson said: “In addition to clothing and footwear we also manufacture and market a range of specialist equipment that are suitable for the aquaculture and fishing industries. Increasingly we are getting calls from customers interested in using the equipment in new and inventive ways. Our marine stainless-steel hooks and hog rings are being used now as standard in the construction of lobster, crab and shrimp pots; our rolls of mesh are being put to the same use as well as for sea cucumber cages, drying seaweed and even to raise snails!

“Most recently we have had customers use our oyster bags in domestic water filtration systems and to create artificial roosting sites for wetland birds. It seems the only limit for our equipment is your imagination!”

“We are completely focused on helping you find the right tool for the job, whatever that may be. Every other week we are getting in special orders for our customers from our extensive supplier base. Give us a call today and a member of our team will be delighted to help you.”