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Fishermen-led charity, Fishing into the Future (FITF), is launching a new website at the Scottish Skipper Expo 2022. The Fishing Porthole website is a dedicated portal, spearheaded by the fishing industry, aimed at improving understanding and collaboration in fisheries management and science, and providing insight into initiatives that support a prosperous and sustainable seafood sector. The Fishing Porthole provides a one-stop-shop for learning, sharing and collaborating, supporting UK fisheries to chart a course to a sustainable and prosperous future.

The site presents new purpose-built resources, created in collaboration with a team of experts from universities, industry and government, on a range of topics such as public speaking and accessing funding, jargon busting, a stakeholder map, and learning materials on fisheries science and economics. The collaborative site also links to third-party resources to help streamline important, sought-after information into one simple-to-navigate platform.

Key topics have been identified from discussions with the industry and the initial set of resources have been developed with funding from DEFRA’s FaSS scheme and the Fishmongers’ Company, with plans to continue development to create an extensive portfolio of information and resources tailored to the needs and interests of people working in UK Fisheries.

FITF Executive Director, Emma Plotnek, said: “Before Covid we focused on in person interactions, but the last couple of years has led us to link up online, on a variety of different platforms. This website will support our continued in-person work and allow us to access a wider group of people working in fisheries.”

She added: “We don’t think of this as our own creation – we have spoken to people in the industry, science and management and putting their bright ideas into action, it’s a resource by and for everyone working in the seafood sector. It’s still very much in its infancy, and we are ambitious that it will flourish according to what is relevant for UK fisheries.”

Emma and a team of the FITF trustees will be at stand 82 at the Skippers Expo demonstrating the website and taking your ideas and questions.

Contact, Email: emma@fitf.co.uk Telephone/ WhatsApp 07311 812105