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Echomaster Marine Ltd, a leading provider of marine technology solutions, is proud to announce the successful deployment of an advanced electronics package aboard Turas A Bhradain, a prominent new vessel in the aquaculture industry.

Turas A Bhradain, operated by Bakkafrost, a leading salmon farming company has, in co-operation with the vessel’s builder, Macduff Shipyards Ltd, chosen Echomaster Marine as their trusted partner for enhancing their new vessel’s capabilities. The supplied electronics package includes a state-of-the-art navigation suite that was designed to meet the unique demands of aquaculture operations. At the customer’s additional request, Echomaster’s engineers also installed a network system throughout the vessel.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Bakkafrost and provide them with our cutting-edge marine technology solutions,” said Mr Les Smith, Managing Director of Echomaster Marine Ltd. “Our mission is to empower our clients with innovative solutions, according to their own specific requirements and ensuring the highest standards of crew safety and performance.”

The partnership between Echomaster Marine, Macduff Shipyards and Bakkafrost demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation to the maritime industry that has already resulted in a repeat order for a second Workboat for the Bakkafrost fleet.

For more information about Echomaster Marine Ltd and its range of bespoke solutions, please visit www.echomastermarine.co.uk or contact sales@echomastermarine.co.uk or 01261 831644.