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Produced in Iceland since 1984, DNG jigging reels have advanced throughout the years to bring sea fishing to a new level, with their fully automated jiggings reels significantly increasing fishing efficiency.

Slippurinn Akureyri (DNG jigging reels producers), have enhanced the system to develop an automated jigging reel that pays out the line and detects when the sinker hits the bottom, positions the hooks at a desired depth, and performs jigging action customized by each individual user. The user can customize jigging speed, frequency and type. The reel also detects fish biting the hooks and hauls the catch up to the surface.

With the Irish fishing industry considered a leading pioneers for adopting enhanced fishing methods, Slippurinn‘s Egill Steingrímsson explains why attending the Irish Skipper Expo is so important to the company.

“Ireland has been an important and consistent market for our products, and we wish to showcase the capabilities and upgrades that our new generation of jigging reels has to offer.

“We are planning to showcase the new features the R1 Reel offers, including support for wifi operated updates, our more sophisticated stabilizer system and more.”

DNG jigging reels are highly sought after due to their durable design and are suitable for a diverse range of fishing types.

“In a recent survey it was discovered that more than 90% of all jigging reels sold after 1995 are still in full use today which underlines the reliability and longevity of our reels.”

DNG strives to offer the highest possible quality in their jigging reels and has done so since they were founded in 1984. The new R1 reel is the pinnacle of the work that has gone into manufacturing high quality jigging reels for the past 38 years.

Visit the DNG team at stand 3 to find out more about their products.