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The long-awaited return of this year’s Irish Skipper Expo sees Killybegs-based Mooney Boats Ltd exhibiting an array of exciting products and services.

This expo provides a first-hand look into the busy period of new builds at Mooney Boats, displaying their most recently completed 27.38m trawler Ella (B49) for owners Atlantic Dawn Group. Mooney Boats will also be offering a current look at new build sister-ships the 31m trawlers Eilean Croine (B50) and Sparkling Star (B51), both of which are in the fit-out stage of construction at the yard. There will also be a rare glimpse into future new build Wave Crest (B52), a 27.38m trawler for delivery in Ireland this year.

As well as the productive new builds department, Mooney Boats will be showcasing the facilities and services available. Facilities such as their 75 ton boat hoist, a brand-new state of the art machine workshop and the DAFM Syncrolift, which is located adjacent to the yard itself. Services available include Welding and Fabrication, Carpentry, CNC Plasma, Turning and Fitting, Hydraulics, Crane Hire, Shot-blasting, Hot Zinc Spraying, Painting, as well as DNV approved Ultra-Sonic Hull Testing.

Not to be excluded, the Chandlery department will be showcasing at this year’s event its impressive new ranges, including products such as Kemilux Chemicals, Marine 16/Marship, NorSap, Sonihull of which Mooney Boats ltd is the sole dealer in Ireland.

“Here at Mooney Boats Ltd, we are excited to be back exhibiting and look forward to welcoming you to our Stand No. 51,” said the company’s Barry O’Hara.