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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been requested to publicise amended instructions for harbour masters, shipping agents, ship-owners/operators, including ferry companies, fishing vessels and master(s) from the Health Service Executive (HSE) on the submission of Maritime Declarations of Health.

Due to the current Covid-19 (2019-nCoV infection) crisis the following measures are required for ships entering Irish ports:

Masters are required to complete and submit a “Maritime Declaration of Health” (MDoH) for all ships arriving in Ireland via Safe Seas Ireland. Masters are also required to submit an updated Crew List and Passenger List (for Passenger Ships), via SafeSeasIreland.

This information is required to be submitted whether or not there is a suspected case on-board. Where a Ship-owner, Fishing Vessel Owner, Agent, Shipmaster, Skipper, Fisher, Yachtsman or Seafarer is not registered on Safe Seas Ireland, the Maritime Declaration of Health and Crew/passenger list shall, if required in accordance with MN 06 of 2020, be submitted to the local Environmental Health Office.

Contact details of the local Environmental Health Office are to be requested from the Harbour Master. Where the port has no Harbour Master, contact details of the closest Environment Health Service Office are to be requested from nearest port with a Harbour Master.

The MDoH must be completed and submitted no more than 24 hours before arrival, in the instance where there are zero cases suspected on board. Where the health status of anyone on-board changes after submission of a MDoH, an updated MDoH shall be submitted no later than 4 hours before arrival.

The following documents are to completed:

1) Maritime Declaration of Health – As per International Health Regulations 2005, Annex 8 model2 .

  • MDoH to include Last 30 days Port of call, and
  • MDoH to include list of all crew and passengers having joined since commencement of international voyage. If none joined state “Not applicable”.

2) Crew list and Passenger List.

Masters are advised that ships will be under enhanced surveillance and the ship entry may be refused in case of incomplete reporting and are advised to contact their Shipping Agent and the Harbour Masters for further information and all practical purpose

Full details of the updated requirements can be found here.