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In an exciting new move, Cape Cod Massachusetts-based marine helmet specialist Cean Helmets has announced it will open a new production facility in County Limerick to supply its growing customer base in Europe.

Its new production unit will be operational by early autumn 2022, and the move signals the popularity of their helmet range and waterproof headsets for maritime, rescue, mountain and commercial off-shore operations.

The lightweight, buoyant, and low-profile helmets are perfectly suited for fishing operations, with deck crew finding them unobtrusive and comfortable. Users can wear a 4mm neoprene balaclava under a Cean helmet, providing extra warmth and comfort when working in northern seas.

The protective abilities of the high-visibility and reflective Cean Helmets are renowned. One Alaskan skipper asserts that two of his crew owe their lives to wearing Cean Helmets after falling overboard in the Bering Sea. Cean Helmets not only provide needed head protection, but the waterproof headsets enable fishermen to communicate with their crew on deck or overboard, exponentially increasing the chances of rescue.

Terry Burke of Cean Helmets says: “We were thrilled to see the huge interest in the products at the Irish Skipper Expo 2022. Crew safety is of paramount importance to every skipper, and the Cean Helmets range offers both user comfort and life-saving protection.”