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Barrus, a leading supplier to the marine industry, proudly announces the launch of MYBOAT247.co.uk, a marine equipment B2B portal designed to redefine and enhance the overall purchasing experience for its marine dealers.

This new online trade platform streamlines ordering, empowering marine dealers by optimising their purchasing process and saving valuable time and resources. Designed with the unique needs of Barrus’s marine dealer network, MYBOAT247 provides a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly interface.


Key Features of MYBOAT247:

Simple Navigation: A smooth and intuitive navigation experience, allowing customers to easily browse through an extensive catalogue of marine equipment with over 30,000 products from 45 premium brands.

Comprehensive Product Information: Access to detailed product information, specifications, and documentation to make informed decisions without extensive research.

MyAccount: Up-to-date account information, including order review, invoice history, live stock availability, and much more.

Promotions: Access to the latest promotions, offers and clearance deals.

Fully responsive: Optimised for all devices with an enhanced display, the pages are easy to use and navigate and feature high-quality product images, technical diagrams, and videos.

“The launch of MYBOAT247 marks a significant milestone for our marine equipment business, offering a transformative solution to simplify and enhance business operations,” commented Ben Allen, Head of

Marine at Barrus. “This platform will allow us to have a more agile relationship with our customers and improve their overall purchasing experience.”

To view MYBOAT247, visit www.myboat247.co.uk.