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Scottish Skipper Expo exhibitor, AJ Group, has a long tradition in designing and producing professional waterproof safety clothing under its own PROS brand for a variety of industries, but also for recreational angling and other outdoor activities.

As far as waterproof clothing goes, there are only a handful of manufacturers that can claim to produce highest quality items. The very nature of fishing means requires that thousands of sailors all over the world need to be protected against all the maritime elements. AJ Group has customers worldwide, where it supplies clothing items for use in a wide range of low or high temperatures and in both fresh and saltwater.

The company manufactures in Poland and employs over 250 staff, where it is proud to boast that it is the European leader in PVC garment production with own registered fabric brand Plavitex.

As the company celebrates its 20th anniversary, AJ Group out of concern for the planet, has already implemented actions related to sustainable development and environmental protection.

The first phase of building their own solar power plant is completed and now the plant will gain complete energy independence both in terms of power needed for production machines and more efficient and effective functioning of the entire building.

Furthermore, this significant impact on the reduction of electricity consumption has resulted in appropriate and innovative technological solutions that are implemented into the production process. This includes:

TRIPLE WELDING – improved electrode bar for joining garments materials, special grooves milled on the heating edge to increase melting and welding of PVC layers into one mass;

ONE BITE TECHNOLOGY – specially designed welding head with movable electrode parts allowing joining of elements by means of only single HF impulse/motion.

This technology, as well as the passion and commitment of the staff, has enabled high-quality and certified protective clothing to produced, which meets all applicable EU regulations, standards and environmental regulations.