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XTRATUF has been setting the standard for commercial fishing boots for over 50 years. Created for some of the harshest working conditions on the planet, the commercial boots can be trusted and relied upon to keep you warm, dry and grounded when all around you is relentless spray and rolling seas.

An Alaskan staple in the commercial fishing industry, these XTRATUF® Legacy fishing boots will give you flexible, all-day comfort and protection. Each boot is made with XTRATUF’s signature triple dipping technique which creates a seamless barrier that is highly resistant to the broadest range of acids, chemicals, and contaminants. Built with latex neoprene that is softer, lighter, and far more pliable than ordinary rubber, these safety wellies have cushioned insoles with arch support to fight fatigue and stress on the legs and back whilst offering the best traction available with its non-marking outsole.

Unisex 15” – £155
Men’s – £145

XTRATUF® has joined creative forces with the Salmon Sisters to bring you prints inspired by the wilderness of Alaska, its nautical tradition, and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific.


The XTRATUF® Wheelhouse is the commercial grade version of the Ankle Boat Boot fishermen have been asking for. Standing for 12+ hours a day on the sea can cause feet to swell, and the wider fit of this fishing boot is built for that. The upper is reinforced in high-wear areas such as the toe and heel for maximum durability. This ankle deck boot features a comfort insole for all-day comfort, and an oil resistant outsole for the best traction available.


XTRATUF Legacy Boot