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Wind Energy Ireland wish to address fishermen’s concerns to allow for a successful shared marine space.

Wind Energy Ireland is the representative body for Ireland’s wind energy industry working to promote wind energy as an essential, economical and environmentally friendly part of the country’s low-carbon energy future.

With the mission to create jobs, invest in communities, reduce CO2 emissions in the country and work to end Ireland’s reliance on foreign fossil fuels, Justin Moran of Wind Energy Ireland believes that in order to achieve this, they must collaborate with the fishing community to address concerns.

“Ireland cannot be energy independent without offshore wind energy but if we are to build offshore wind farms, we need to understand the effect this might have on the country’s fishing industry and listen to the concerns of the fishermen and women with whom we want to share the marine space.”

Returning to the Irish Skipper Expo, Justin feels that last year’s event was a fantastic opportunity to meet everyone at the cutting edge of Ireland’s fishing and marine industry.

“We’re attending the Irish Skipper Expo 2023 to listen to members of Ireland’s fishing community and to try, as much as we can, to address concerns and answer any questions they might have about offshore wind energy.

“We’re not there to sell anything, even wind energy! We’re there primarily to listen and answer questions as much as we can.”

Wind Energy Ireland have produced a series of articles in The Skipper magazine, responding to the questions posed by fishermen within the industry and invite you to send in your queries which they will respond to in future articles.