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The new Scottish RSW vessel “CHRISTINA S” from Karstensen Shipyard.

The new Scottish RSW vessel “CHRISTINA S” was handed over to The Partnership between Freedom Fish Limited, Shannon Fishing Limited and Peter & J. Johnstone Limited  late last year from Karstensen Shipyard.

The hull for “CHRISTINA S” was built by Karstensen Shipyard Poland in Gdynia, and arrived in Skagen in February 2022.

The New  “CHRISTINA S” replaces skipper Allan Simpson’s previous command of the same name.  The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring, as well as blue whiting.

Ernest (Ernie) Simpson has headed the family business for 5 decades, but has now passed the task on to the next generation with Allan Simpson as manager and skipper. The Simpson family has a long history in the fishing industry and Ernie himself, took command of his first newbuild in tough conditions in 1976. Since then, 2  new CHRISTINA S’s have been built and one bought as second-hand.

Karstensen Shipyard highly appreciates the trust the owners have shown in the yard, as they continue a long-standing working relationship with the Simpson family. This relationship stretches some +30 years back, first with SEDULOUS and later with 3 CHRISTINA S’s, calling to Skagen for regular repairs and maintenance works. This is, however, the first newbuild the Simpsons and Karstensen have done together.

The vessel design, specification and arrangements are a result of an extensive, and close cooperation between the owners and the yard where all solutions were optimized and tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the owners and the crew.

The main focus was set on optimizing working, safety and comfort for the crew, optimizing catch handling- and storage facilities, and also optimizing the fuel consumption. In order to reach these targets, the vessel is fitted out with all the newest developed machinery and equipment.

Length overall –          77,00 m
Length between PP – 72,80 m
Breadth moulded –    15,60 m
Depth main deck  –    6,60 m
Depth shelter deck –  9,20 m
Frame spacing –        600 mm
Tonnage –                  3453
RSW-tanks –              2350 cum
Fuel oil –                    595 cum
Fresh water –            100 cum

Design:          Karstensens Skibsværft A/S

Trial speeds / average;
18,2 knots, diesel-mechanical / speed step 1.
16,5 knots, diesel-mechanical / speed step 2.

Hull: Built by Karstensen Shipyard Poland, Gdynia, Poland.
Class: DNV +1A Fishing Vessel E0 TMON, hull: Ice-C.


Hydraulic winches:      – all supplied by SeaQuest of Killybegs, Ireland, main system:
2 x Trawl winches                                      91,0 t
1 x Topline winch                                       71,0 t
1 x Tail-end winch                                      57,0 t
2 x Netdrums                                            110,0 t
9 x Mooring winches                                  11,0 t
1 x Anchor windlass                                   14,7 t
1 x Netsounder winch
2 x Hydraulic hose reel.
2 x Fish hose reel

Fish pumping equipment delivered by Sea Quest of Killybegs, Ireland:
2 x Sea Quest fish pumps, 20”.

Deck cranes all supplied by Sea Quest of Killybegs, Ireland:
2 x Fore deck crane.
2 x Net crane aft / gallow crane.

HP hydraulics: Complete drives systems (2 off) winches and cranes, respectively fish pump and associated equipment:
7 x 158 kW pump-units.
3 x 110 kW pump-units.
1 x 75 kW pump units.

Trawl blocks: Brdr. Markussen, Blue Line
Anchors & chains: AC-14, supplied through Max Fodgaard.


Main engine:                Wartsila 12V31, 7320 kW @ 750 rpm.
Propeller plant:            Wartsila 4G1190, d4200 mm.
Reduction gearbox:      Wartsila SCV 100/2-PDC68.
Shaft alternator:           Cummins AvK, 2800 kW / 3500 kVA.
Auxiliaries:                    2 x Caterpillar C32, 940 kWe @ 1800 rpm.
Harbour set:                 1 x Scania DI09, 200 kWe @ 1800 rpm
Rudder:                        Kongsberg high lift flap rudder.
Steering gear:              Kongsberg Tenfjord SR 722.
Stern thruster:             1 x Brunvoll FU-63, 950 kW / 1904 HP.
Retractable thruster:   1 x Brunvoll AR-63, 850 kW / 1999 HP.
Starting air compr.:      2 x Sperre HL2/105A.
Working air compr.     1 x Atlas Copco MAS GF11FF
Fuel oil cleaning:         Alfa-Laval P615.
Lub oil cleaning:          Alfa-Laval P615.
FO transfer pumps:      2 x Desmi.
Remote sounding:        API / Marine Control Services.
Pumps:                         Main engine cooling: Desmi.
Deckwash fire and bilge pumps:                      Desmi.
Deck sump pumps:            ITT Flygt
Main coolers:               Kelvion, box coolers.
Bilge ejectors:              Ellehammer.
FW pressure sets:         2 x Desmi.
Hot water tank:            OSO, 200 l/ 2x15kW.
Sewage pumps:            2 x Desmi.
Sewage vacuum syst:   Jets.

RSW-system:               2 x Johnson Controls, each 1506 kW / 1.295.000 kCal/h.
Circulation pumps             4 x 525 cum/h, Azcue
Condenser pumps              2 x 300 cum/h, Azcue
RSW circulation system with remote operated RSW-valves through Johnson Controls control system.
Actuators for valves:    Eltorque.

Vacuum-system:          C-Flow:
4 x 87 kW compressor units.
2 x 4200 l tanks.


MOB-boat:                   Viking Norsafe Merlin 615.
MOB-boat davit:          Viking MDM DAF-275E.
Life rafts:                     2 x Viking, 20 pers.
Watermist system:       Survitec.
Fire detection:              Scana Servoteknikk.

Wheelhouse:                 Shipyard.
Wheelhouse consoles:  El-Pro, Norway.
Accommodation:          Maritime Montering, Norway.
Furniture:                      Maritime Montering / Ekornes, Norway.
Wheelhouse chairs:      Nor-Sap 1600.
Ventilation plant:         LF Ventilation.
Windows:                     Promap.
Window wipers:           Wynn.
Galley equipment:        Beha, Norway.
Paint supplier:              PPG Sigma – vessel completely sandblasted and hot-zinc sprayed.


LED navigation lights: Den Haan.
Search light:                 2 x Seematz LED.
Tank level controls:      Mobrey alarms.
Electrical contractor:    KS Elektro.
Power management:     Deif Delomatic 4 PMS system.
Main switchboard:        ScanTechnic, Denmark.
Vessel is fitted with frequency converter for floating frequencies between 50 and 60 Hz.
Alarm panel / IAS:      Marine Control Services.

Extensive array of electronic equipment (navigation, fish finding and communication), all supplied by Furuno UK and Woodsons of Aberdeen.

Main items:
Display system:            Furuno Blue Bridge.
Main monitors;             9 pcs 55” Hatteland.
14 pcs 32” Hatteland.
4 pcs 27” Hatteland.
LF sonar:                      Furuno FSV-25.
MF sonar:                     Furuno FSV-85.
HF sonar:                      Furuno FSV-75.
Echo sounder 1:            Simrad ES80
Echo sounder 2:            Furuno FCV-38.
Echo sounder 3:            Furuno FSS3-BB.
Echo sounder 4:            Furuno DFF-1.
3D sonar:                      WASSP 80 kHz
Current indicator:         Furuno CI68.
Net monitor:                 Scanmar.
Trawl sonar:                 Simrad FS-70.
Radar 1 (3 cm):            Furuno FAR 3210-X.
Radar 2 (10 cm):          Furuno FAR 3230-S.
Radar 3:                        Furuno DRS6D-NXT
Ecdis:                            Furuno FMD-3200.
Plotter 1+2:                   MaxSea Time Zero.
Plotter 3:                       Olex, 3D.
GPS:                             Furuno GP-170
AIS:                              Furuno FA-170
Gyro compass:              2 x Simrad RGC-80.
GPS compass:              JRC JLR-21. Furuno SC-70.
Autopilot:                     Simrad AP70-system.
VDR:                            Furuno VR-7000 VDR
V-sat communication:  2 x Sailor 900
Sat-TV system:             Sailor
GMDSS:                       Furuno equipment for A3 navigation.
VHFs:                           Furuno.
Autotrawl system:        Sea Quest.
ME remote control:      Wartsila.
Intercom:                      Vingtor Stentofon,

New ASSYSTROL Auto Trawl System For  Christina S

The new ASSYSTROL auto trawl system developed by SILECMAR, the automation and digital solutions Spanish company, has been successfully installed on the new CHRISTINA S  pelagic vessel.

The vessel, owned by the Simpson family in partnership with P & J Johnston, will target herring, mackerel, and blue whiting employing SeaQuest’s complete deck machinery controlled by the  ASSYSTROL auto trawl system.

The new ASSYSTROL has been designed completely in the most advanced platform and has been developed with the experience of many skippers and fishing professionals in its development. The ASSYSTROL replaces the SILECRED solution that currently operates on more than 350 fishing vessels.

Some of the main features of ASSYSTROL includes 10 trawling modes adapting the fishing profile to the weather conditions and sea bottom, a pelagic mode, a specific new feature for intelligent snag detection, and an exclusive turning mode.

All registered fishing profiles in the system can be overviewed in the FMSS (Fleet Monitoring SILECMAR System) to improve future fishing operations and are employed for future fishing forecasts specialized for any species and currently under development by the Spanish engineering company.

Javier Cifrian, managing director of SILECMAR and automation engineer, states: “We are proud of the product and the impact on how the vessel will fish more energy efficiently and safely. Yet, SILECMAR’s main aim is the continued improvement of all its solutions so we will keep working on a better ASSYSTROL introducing continuous skipper’s knowledge and feedback”

We are happy to continue our close collaboration with SeaQuest and congratulate CHRISTINA S owners and crew for the new vessel”