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Begins on TG4 on Tuesday 5th March 7.30pm

The Dingle peninsula has always had a strong reputation for its fishing culture and the sea has nourished the people of the peninsula as they have passed their tradition on from generation to generation. People are still make their livelihood from the sea and in this series we meet the fishing community of Corca Dhuibhne, their families and community, as they carry out their work over the fishing season from March to October. Between challenging weather and government regulation, the ups and downs of life at sea, join us and experience the working crew of the sea.

In the first program we meet Éamonn Ó Corcara from Bréanainn, during the last day of the oyster fishing season. Eddie Moore and his son Cathal from Dingle are working hard refurbishing their boat, waiting patiently to return home from Limerick. Chef, Aoife Ní Chiobháin from Na Gorta Dubha discusses her constant search for fresh local fish, and long established Iasc Uí Chatháin, have a new project in the works.

In the second show, we meet the crew of the Kate Marie as they fish for crabs and lobsters. We drop into Iasc Uí Catháin as they add the finishing touches to new tourist attraction, they have developed on the site of the old fish processing factory, once a major employer in the area. Caitlín de Mórdha from Na Gorta Dubhais waiting for the crew of the Misty Dawn to return home, and Eoin Firtéar from Com Dhíneol is doing his best to finish the work on his new boat, the Órla Méabh.

In episode 3 we meet Kevin Granville from Dinge as he skippers the Virtuous which is full of prawns. We meet Áine Uí Laoithe from Dún Chaoin, expert on the rich song tradition associated with the seas around West Kerry. The Dingle regatta is blessed with a weekend of sunshine and the crew of the Kate-Marie bring crabs into Ballydavid pier in the pouring rain.

In the last episode we meet the fisherman Maidhc Ó Mainín from An Baile Íochtarach, who’s using his experience at sea for a new venture. Alec Ó Cíobháin from An Muiríoch brings us down memory lane, sharing his side of the story during the illegal salmon fishing era around Bally David, and, the net making tradition is going strong with Edward Mac Gerald. From Ballydaith.

The peninsula’s community are preparing for the Dingle Food Festival and what will come of Eoin Firtéar from Com Dhíneol as he hopes to launch his new boat?