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Founded in 1974, Teignbridge is recognised as a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of award-winning propellers and sterngear.

Teignbridge says: “Globally, only a handful of companies truly possess the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce high-quality custom propellers. Teignbridge is proudly one of those companies.”

Teignbridge design and manufacture propellers, shafts, couplings, sterntubes, shaft seals, rudders, rudder tubes, tie-bars, glass- in P’Brackets, platform P’brackets, ‘A’brackets.

Teignbridge is in receipt of a UK Government £3m investment to optimise propeller designs. This investment has been the catalyst to build their state of the art unique research vessel: HRV1. The data from physical testing on-board HRV1 is coupled with CFD & numerical simulation tools in an integrated design workflow to deliver high-performance propellers.

All of Teignbridge customers benefit from the optimised designs that are principally focused on full displacement vessels such as fishing boats.

Come and talk to their team at Irish Skipper Expo 2020 about a bespoke design service supported by UK manufacture.