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Over fishing and by-catch are global issues that threaten future food security and ocean biodiversity. While regulatory reform, such as the EU discards ban, and new fisheries management mechanisms are addressing these issues, there is still room for technical improvement in fish capture processes. Currently, about one out of every five fish caught is the wrong fish, leading to 27m+ tons of fish wasted every year globally.

SafetyNet Technologies is a UK-based SME that designs and builds light-emitting devices which increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, helping fishermen catch the right fish in the first place. Using technologies such as LEDs and providing a science led service, they are enabling fishermen to easily and affordably modify their existing gears to improve selectivity, meet regulatory requirements and avoid by-catch across a wide range of species.

The SafetyNet Technologies team will be showcasing their Pisces by-catch reduction device on stand 31 at the Irish Skipper Expo 2020. By using Pisces, fishermen can also improve fishing revenues by catching more selectively, reduce sorting time, increase storage space for target catch and reduce fuel costs by spending less time at sea.

For more information, visit www.sntech.co.uk or e-mail enquiries@sntech.co.uk