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Ahead Of Valentine’s Day —Call On Government To Prove That It Loves The Fishing Industry!



There has been a call on the Government to launch a campaign to encourage people to eat more fish in Ireland in a bid to both educate people on its benefits and show some love for the struggling fishing sector.


Patrick Murphy, CEO of Irish South and West Fisheries Producers says.

“The Springtime is the optimum time for our Government to roll out an information campaign on the benefits of eating fish. Lighter brighter days not only influence our spirits, but also our eating habits. The Government should tap into this and put some of the huge amounts of money it has to good and practical use”.


“Repeated studies show the benefits of eating fish; it is one of the most complete foods we have, full of minerals, vitamins that we need for our bodies and minds, it is easy to cook, it’s versatile, it truly is an incredible food”.

campaign would serve not only to educate people on the unparallelled benefits of fish but support an industry that is at best, struggling to survive”.

As it stands, Fishing is worth some €1.3 Billion to the Irish economy, providing over 11,000 jobs and this is a sector that is not receiving the help and support it needs and deserves”.

With Government support, that figure of 1.3 Billion could be multiplied, helping to lift ‘all boats’- Literally”.


How lucky we Irish people are to have such rich marine resources on our doorstep”.


These are resources that, as in Norway, could provide Billions of Euros in revenue to our economy every year and most importantly, create sustainable Jobs and food security for this generation and for every generation to come in Ireland. Fish spawns thousands of offspring, proving an unrivalled bounty for the people of Ireland”.

It is their love of the sea and its produce, coupled with their pride in what they do that keeps people engaged in fishing going; it’s certainly not the ‘glamour’ or the high wages, in fact it is one of the least glamorous and now, sadly, least paid jobs in our country”.

People are out in all weathers, they get scant help if they are injured on the job, it’s both frightening and unjust that a sector that is so valuable in a myriad of ways, is at the bottom of the pecking order as far as our Government is concerned”. 

The question I ask is why does our Government not see fit to protect the rights of the Indigenous Irish Fishing communities who live in our coastal towns and villages and who are heavily dependent on accessing this rich Irish resource that has provided both a living and a way of life for generations of Irish people over centuries past?


“It is high time we capitalised on this resource and fought in Europe for a fair amount of fish that are caught annually in our waters. 15% of the allowable total catch for us and a generous 85% to the others is not equitable for a partner of Europe. I’m afraid that if our Government continues to favour other foreign fishing fleets over its own the situation will worsen”.

“We are told by our Ministers that, depending on their message, the waters around our Island are 7 to 11 times larger than our land mass”.

“We have an embarrassment of riches in our seas, but we are not capitalising it”.

“This is both grossly unfair to all who try and make a living from the sea and abysmal economics”.

“Of course, the government will say it respects the fishing industry; I say, prove it; put your money where your mouth is and do something tangible to help our sector; a campaign extolling the benefits of eating fish would be a start”.


“Show some love for the fishing industry or it will die”.