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“We have door spread sensors but no exact way of knowing what our nets are doing”, shares the skipper of Brighter Hope (LK 98). As part of the Shetland fleet, Tom Robertson is adopting new technologies to develop a more precise way of fishing. Now with a CatchCam underwater camera on hand, he adds: “Once we got the CatchCam mounted in the correct place, we achieved good results on seeing exactly what our gear was doing”.

Underwater footage recorded by the CatchCam camera while mounted to the trawl vessel Brighter Hope (LK 98) in Shetland.

The camera was mounted all over the twin rig trawl to observe various aspects of its performance. However, Tom’s main interest lay in observing the squareness of the gear: “To enable optimum fishing results, we need our gear to be towing square and also firmly on the bottom”. The underwater footage recorded by CatchCam helped Tom Robertson ensure that the vessel was fishing correctly as it towed. He adds: “Well, the video put my mind at ease.”

Skipper Tom Robertson holding his catch. Tom, along with his brother Ross Robertson and friend George Jamieson, took ownership of the Shetland fishing vessel Brighter Hope, back in 2022.


Shetland Fishing Fleet deploying Cameras

Tom is not the only one with a positive experience. In fact, the Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation (SFPO) has also reported similar results after trialling two CatchCam cameras. These were deployed to improve the fishing fleet’s catching technique and to save on fuel.

“Our fishing crews in Shetland are committed to sustainable and efficient fishing methods, and our investment in this technology will support them in understanding and adapting their fishing gear with even greater confidence than was previously possible”, shared SFPO chief executive Brian Isbister in an article published in Shetland Fishermen last month.

See Your Gear Underwater

With 4-day battery life and compact 13.5cm size, the CatchCam camera makes it easy for commercial fishermen to film their gear in action and gather evidence they would not be able to get otherwise. The result is not only a more sustainable approach to fishing but also enhanced profits as operations become more targeted.

Contact the SafetyNet Technologies team to see how the camera can be easily integrated into your operations. Request a Demo here: https://sntech.co.uk/products/catchcam/?utm_campaign=The%20Skipper&utm_source=theskipper_PR_CCpage

Visit stand E7 to see the camera up close at the Scottish Skipper Expo.