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The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) has been notified by Forsa of forthcoming industrial action with a 24-hour work stoppage by members within the SFPA on Thursday January 20th and a further 48-hour stoppage on Wednesday January 26th and Thursday January 27th 2022. The SFPA has requested Forsa to confirm that minimum cover will be provided on these days, as is required under the Code of Practice on Disputes Procedures, to help minimise disruption to industry and seafood trade. The SFPA will be making best efforts to minimise the impact on industry from this industrial action but some disruption of SFPA services may be unavoidable.

The SFPA is keen to secure as early a resolution to matters as possible and is disappointed that industrial action is being taken at this time. Along with Forsa, the SFPA had been awaiting a hearing at the Oversight Body for Non-Commercial State Agencies, which both organisations had sought and agreed to attend. The Oversight Body, the dispute resolution mechanism agreed by all parties, including the SFPA and Forsa, under the public service agreement, Building Momentum has just set a date for that hearing for 28th January 2022. The SFPA has confirmed its attendance.”