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Irish Skipper Expo 2022 exhibitor Seas of Solutions is a new organisation based on the foundation of globally recognised safety electronics brands McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine, and with a vision to support safer sailing, anytime – everywhere.

From their Netherland headquarters, Seas of Solutions B.V. purchased Orolia Maritime’s innovative emergency readiness and response brands in April this year, establishing Netwave Systems BV and McMurdo Ltd under the Seas of Solutions umbrella.

With a reputation for innovations that include Galileo powered 406MHz distress beacons, the world’s first Return Link Service PLB, a unique AIS EPIRBs range and the newly upgraded NW6000 VDR and retrofit solutions, Seas of Solutions offer reliable, innovative marine electronics that help improve robust data capture and maximise crew survivability.  

Sean McCrystal of Seas of Solutions says: “One of the main reasons we are attending Irish Skipper Expo 2022 is the new European Return Link system (RLS) that allows signals back to distress beacons for the first time. Ireland is one of the first countries to accept RLS beacons and the discussion we are having is about why people should upgrade their existing beacons to get the benefit of faster detection, greater location accuracy and the reassurance signal that comes from RLS.”

He adds: “Irish Skipper Expo 2022 enables us to showcase our next generation of products, with a new FastFind AIS MOB joining the FastFind RLS PLB in celebrating the brand’s twentieth year, while the Netwave Compact offers a commercial grade VDR software for inland waterways, fishing, and workboat vessels. The new solution is designed for ease of installation and offers dynamic sensor connections to capture the vessel data offering the most critical operation value.

“A dedicated, marine focused organisation, our aim is to utilise our industry knowledge, unparalleled sales and service network and newly refined structure to offer our partners and customers the dynamic response they need for maritime safety.”